Such a unique and exceptional program is intriguing…We are pleased to answer your questions.

This professional development programme is open to all performing arts professionals in Quebec. 

The Specific Development focus is the only one that requires participants to be discipline-specific, as it demands more advanced skills in the identified area of concentration. Specific development allows professionals to push the boundaries of their art.

The Cross-Disciplinary Development focus allows professionals to broaden their horizons and participate in workshops that will enhance their practice. These workshops have been programmed by the assorted areas of concentration so that several disciplines can meet, and perfect similar skills found in different practices.

The Discovery focus offers performing arts professionals from all disciplines the opportunity to discover new practices. The discoveries offer new tools in the career development of artists and artisans.

The Initiation focus allows professionals who have no previous experience with the workshop material to discover the world that is being offered. As it is an initiation, this section is not compensated, but is nonetheless offered free of charge. Professionals must still fill out the form and follow the registration process as space is limited.

The Rendezvous focus is open to all artists and the general public. It is a time to meet and exchange. This section is not compensated, as it is not a developmental workshop but a space for discussion in order to meet others.

An artist is considered a professional if, in the last 4 years:

  • Their main pursuit is the practice of their art;
  • They have received recognition from their peers through a grant or other support for research or creation;
  • They have a contractual relationship with a professional company;
  • They are a graduate of a school with a programme covering the disciplines targeted by the programme or has equivalent artistic experience.

Other selection criteria have also been determined in order to ensure diversity in the groups and to favour exchanges according to the level of experience, practice, origin, etc. 

All participants in the Specific Development, Cross-Disciplinary Development, and Discovery focuses will be compensated for the number of hours scheduled for the duration of the workshop at an hourly rate of $25 per hour. The total amount will be paid after the participation in the workshop, as attendance must be validated. Lunch hours are unpaid.

Workshops scheduled in the Specific Development, Cross-Disciplinary Development, and Discovery focuses are paid. The Initiation and Rendezvous focuses are not paid.

We want to reach as many professionals as possible, so some workshops are offered in French, others in English, and some are bilingual or even multilingual. For more information, please consult the “prerequisites” section of each workshop, where the language that will be used most often is specified. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need support in the linguistic accessibility of a workshop.

All the workshops will take place in Sherbrooke, the majority of which will be held at the CASJB.  However, some workshops will be held in different locations more suited to the needs of the workshop. Professionals will be notified by email.

If we have not answered all your questions, please contact us and we will be happy to do so.

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En-tête: Théâtre du Double signe | Simon Vincent

Page: CASJB | Rolland Forest ; Compagnie de danse Sursaut | François Lafrance

Bas de page: Le Petit Théâtre de Sherbrooke | Martin Blache



En-tête: CASJB | Rolland Forest

Page : CASJB | Rolland Forest



En-tête: CASJB | Rolland Forest

Page: Théâtre du Double signe | Simon Vincent



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«Saison 2020-21» : Nicolas Zemmour | Ashbey; Nicolas Gendron | Hugo B. Lefort; Claire Renaud | Jean-François Bienvenu et Claire Renaud; Gabriel Morin & David Strasbourg | Éva-Maude TC Photographe; L’Interrupteur: Créations de Théâtre-Lumière | Anouk M. Renaud; Projet Hybris | Keven Lee; Estelle Clareton | Stéphane Najman @photoman.

«Saison 2019-20»: Nicolas Zemmour | Ashbey; Danika Cormier | Salomé Drapeau | François Lafrance; Philippe Boutin | Marc-André Thibault ; Gabriel Cloutier Tremblay | Éva-Maude TC 2015; Pleurer Dans’douche | Josie Desmarais; Thomas Duret | Olivier Hardy; Estelle Clareton | Stéphane Najman @photoman.

«Saison 2018-19»:  Danika Cormier | Salomé Drapeau | François Lafrance; Nathalie Derome | Josée-Anne Touchette | Luc Senécal



En-tête: Théâtre du Double signe | Simon Vincent

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En-tête: Compagnie de danse Sursaut | François Lafrance



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